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Technome brings a wealth of experience working with collaborative research programs to design, build and manage bioinformatics data sharing platforms.
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We provide a full spectrum of services for collaborative research programs

Collaboration Platforms

Technome staff have over a decade of experience designing, building and supporting data sharing platforms for collaborative research projects.

Cloud-Driven Services

Technome’s staff have worked with Amazon Web Services since 2010, and are currently collaborating with Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s Cloud Platform teams.

Data Science

Technome works with world class researchers to apply software engineering principles to the data extraction, statistical analysis and data visualization tools that drive discovery.

How do you get the data to the researchers? A platform.

Collaborative research is not the same as simple data sharing. A collaborative research platform provides:

  • Identity and access management to ensure that the correct researchers have access to the correct data
  • Automated harmonization of clinical data to allow disparate data sets to be used together
  • Data processing pipelines to take large data inputs and produce searchable results
  • Tools that allow researchers to access and work with the data directly, without having to store it locally
collaborative platform

Cloud-based platforms have revolutionized collaborative research.

Many of the complicated problems of scalability, multi-domain authentication, and virtualization that collaborative research projects used to have to solve are inherently addressed by building cloud-native platforms. Using today’s cloud service platforms, Technome can provide:

  • Big Data Management
  • Container & Pipeline Operation
  • Platform Migration

Meet Our Team

Technome’s dedicated staff combine decades of IT consulting experience with a deep understanding of the needs of collaborative research projects

Barry Landin

Director of Technology

David Vismer

Director of Operations

Paul Herrman

Chief Infrastructure Engineer

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